may the xiv.

ive been smiling with anchors on my shoulders.

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may the xiv.
Hi. My name's May. I'm seveteen years old and in my senior year of high school. I don't know what I'm going to do with my life when I graduate.

I love soup, traveling, and art in any form whether it be fashion, photography, music or film. The main reason for creating this journal was because of my eating disorder (ED-NOS) which I was diagnosed with June last year. It kind of makes things difficult, stressful and I've since become a horrible human-being because of it.
If you have a problem with this, fuck off because you probably couldn't wrap your ignorant mind around the concept of an ED. Current stats are; H. 5'10.5'', HW. 165, CW. 138, GW. 125 and LW. 125.

Anyway, below you will find most of my interests / obessions / fandoms. If you have any in common, feel free to add me so we can be geeky and fangirl over stuff because who doesn't love doing that haha. Especially if you are a HP or LOST junkie. On a more pleasant note, you can contact me at mayxiv@livejournal.com or just comment somewhere in my journal (that's faster.) I love new friends so feel free to add me! <3
albert hammond jr, arctic monkeys, agent sparks, anna nalick, ataxia, brand new, cat stevens, feist, foo fighters, gemma hayes, gorillaz, golden shoulders, incubus, jack johnson, john frusciante, josh klinghoffer, joy division, the killers, led zeppelin, lou reed, louis xiv, the mars volta, metric, muse, nirvana, phantom planet, the pixies, pj harvey, priestess, queens of the stone age, rage against the machine, rooney, red hot chili peppers, the strokes, the shins, sparklehorse, simon & garfunkel, silverchair, sonic youth, spill canvas, stereophonics, tom petty, the white stripes, wolfmother and the velvet underground.

I like so much music it's retarded. These are just the artists I listen to regularly.
300, almost famous, american history x, and now for something completely different, babel, big fish, billy madison, blow, boondock saints, bridget jones' diary, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, casino royale, dear frankie, down in the valley, the dreamers, everything is illuminated, high fidelty, i ♥ huckabees, i love you to death, fight club, goodbye lenin!, laurel canyon, leon (the professional), legends of the fall, the life aquatic, the lord of the rings, match point, moulin rouge!, my own private idaho, robin hood men in tights, shakespeare in love, snatch, say anything, trainspotting, true romance and velvet goldmine.

actors: edward norton, christian bale, hans matheson, jonathan rhys meyers, ewan mcgregor, river phoenix, keanu reeves, gerard butler, johnny depp, gael garcia bernal, john cusak, joseph fiennes, billy crudup, adrien brody, jason schwartzman, paul newman, garrett hedlund, trent ford, paul bettany and henry cavill <3.

actresses: natalie portman, jennifer connolly, naomi watts, gwenyth paltrow, cate blanchett, angelina jolie, helena bonham carter, kate beckinsale, claire danes, scarjo and kate winslet.
I'll seriously read anything. I consume books at a ridiculous rate. If I'm not reading two books at a time, I'm not content. My current obessesion is Phillipa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl. My favorite subject to read is history / mythology.

authors: d.h. lawrance, oscar wilde, bret easton ellis, nietzsche, kahlil gibran, anne rice, carol mataas, jrr tolkien, sarah dessen, stephenie meyer, robert frost and paullina simons.

books: the illiad, the children of hurin, harry potter and the half blood prince, the voyage of the dawn treader, the other boleyn girl, the hobbit, tully, the truth about forever, this lullaby, just listen, white oleander, brave new girl, the bell jar, memoirs of a geisha and the chronicles of narnia; the lord of the rings, the harry potter and the georgia nicholson series.
tv: LOST, my so-called life, the tudors, entourage and miami ink.

models: carolyn murphy, doutzen kroes, jessica miller, jessica stam, kate moss, miranda kerr, natasha poly, sasha pivovarova and valentina zeliaeva.

random: alexander mcqueen, buckets, camping, concerts, chanel, fashion, edward cullen, estée lauder, headphones, jacob black, jf, jean-paul gaultier, kate / sawyer, laughing, letters, lyric analysis, magazines, making soundtracks, marc jacobs, mints, modeling, pop culture, polaroids, psychology, rain, road trips, rice, scarves, starbucks, sharpies, sleep, storms, stormy weather, sushi, socks, sarcasm, the weasleys, the UK, thailand, traveling, vintage, vogue, rock photography, late nights, loud shows and early mornings.
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