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may the xiv.
ive been smiling with anchors on my shoulders.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 
07|21|07 - 23:12
Harry Potter
It's over. Forever.

Well, it was a good run. I don't know what to say. I had a really excellent time at the book opening last night. Met tons of interesting Potter fans but the most bizarre thing to me was how the majority of the people only started reading the books when the movies came out.

I was ten when I started reading the series. I grew up with Harry. As each book came out, we were same age. Now as I'm seventeen, so he is and I pretty much feel like my childhood ended last night at midnight. It's not a bad thing. Just, wow... I can't believe that it's all over, after such a long run.

Deathly Hallows was without a doubt my favorite book the series. Amazing. I see why a lot of people are going to hate it, but I don't really care because I loved it so fucking much. I thought it was excellent. It took me just under seven hours to read it and I loved every fucking minute of it. I have so much to say I just have to digest it all.

Everything after this is MAJOR SPOILERS so don't read on unless you've finished the book.

I knew Harry was a Horcrux.
Ever since I first read book six, that was the only theory I had. I didn't give a shit about the other objects but I was sooo sure of this. A lot of time whenever I commented with that theory online, people said I was stupid and "that doesn't make sense, blah blah blah." Oh ya? How do you know? Do you even KNOW how a Horcrux is made? No. I didn't think so stfu.

Snape was in love with Lily.
I was sooo happy this happened. That answered SO MANY QUESTIONS. I loved how it played out too... so, so sad though. I was hurting that entire chapter but it was so perfect. The explanation and all the answers it gave and UGH. That was such a weight off my chest lmao.

Draco wasn't as bad as we thought.
Yeah he's a pussy and a wimp and a coward and every other nasty thing but it was just that. Draco couldn't help it that he was easily manipulated and craved way too much attention and GLORY. He was horrified at the death of his friend and it's not like left Crabbe and Goyle behind when he could've easily gotten himself out. How's that for a good friend? He turned out alright, so did all the Malfoy's actually. We pretty much owe Narcissa for Harry not getting fucked over. And I think Draco wouldn't have identified the trio if they hadn't recognized Hermione; spiting the Dark Lord, anyone? The Malfoy's are too selfish to care about anything about themselves, but at least they care for each other which was nice. I was kind of sad there wasn't more around Draco's character development but whatever. I would still love him. lmao

Peter died to save Harry.
Okay, that's not EXACTLY how it happened but it's true. I knew after book three Peter Pettigrew would do something awesome in order to save Harry. He didn't necessarily sacrifice himself or do anything heroic but if he hadn't hesitated and let Harry pass, they all would've been fucked up at the Malfoy's, right? I don't understand why everyone was all over the "HE HAS THE SILVER HAND TO GET LUPIN" theory. Yes that makes sense but... no... who cares? lmao

I can't believe how fast the action started. The emotional turn Dudley made was such an "AW" moment for me. But the action started way too fast... I couldn't digest it all. I didn't even realize Hedwig had DIED because it happened so fucking fast! Then the loss of Mad-Eye... that was such a freakin low blow right off the bat.

Okay. There was ONE THING I asked when someone said "what do you want to happen / not happen in book seven?" The ONLY THING I asked was that the twins got out in one piece. And that was out the window so fucking fast. I started crying as soon as I thought George was going to die. I actually went ape shit. Then when FRED ACTUALLY DIED (OHMYFUCKINGGOD) I stopped reading and boycotted the book for four hours. HOW HOW HOW? One twin, but not the other? Are you fucking kidding? I was so angry and upset. Atleast it was a good death for him... and he and Percy were getting along. Oh god. *tears*

The wedding. Hahaha. I loved it. And Viktor Krum showing up... what's with that? Good though. Hermione amazes me EVERY DAY with her wits. Thinking of that beaded purse.... if I was ever stranded on island and I could only bring one fictional character, definitely Hermione.

Ginny was so going to give Harry a birthday fuck. I was not down with that lmao.

When Ron left the group I was so unbelievably angry. I thought he was gone. For good. Like I was actually so pissed off I was shaking. What a fucking twat. And even though I knew it was the necklace (wow... channeling Lord of the Rings anyone?) I cannot BELIEVE he thought for even a second that Harry and Hermione had something going on. Delusional, wow.

When Remus showed up at Grimmauld, what an idiot! I always loved Remus but I couldn't look at him the same way after that chapter. I was so angry at him I just. ARGH. *strangles*

Kreacher. I am so happy how this turned out... his history was Regulus made want to cry. He was so adorable when the trio was staying there, I loved it. It was just so sad when they didn't come back from Ministry and he said he'd have dinner ready </3 ... then his moment at the end during the battle, FTW! lmao

Umbridge. Is it safe to say she's a Death Eater? Outer Circle? She knew way too much... how did she know to hang onto the locket let alone what the fuck it was? I wish more answers would've been questioned there... and her stealing Moody's eye peeved me sooo hardcore I couldn't believe it. She is such a sick woman.

The entire Ministry was disturbing. How horrible... poor muggle borns. I felt so awful reading all of that... I can't believe Hermione went in there and did her business without going crazy. Then when they were leaving... Ron getting splinched. Holy shit I pretty much had a heart attack. I was so sure we were doomed for a while. Good thing Hermione is freakin' brilliant.

Dumbledore's past.
Holy. Shit. Messed. Up. Was Ariana raped? I didn't really understand... she seems way too young for that to have happened but I couldn't really come to another conclusion? That entire sub plot revolving around Grindelwald and what not really hurt my head and was kind of annoyed with reading it but whatever. Not a biggie. I was kind of shocked about DD though...

Gryffindor's sword... so I don't understand. I thought the Goblin took it? How was Neville able to get it at the battle if he had had it? UGH that was so confusing.

Dobby saving everyone was the greatest... but omg... I was kind of glad because Dobby is so Jar Jar Binks of the Harry Potter world but HOW COULD HE HAVE DIED? IT WAS FREAKIN DOBBY. It was a good death for him though, I'm sure he would have had no greater pleasure than dying for Harry and his friends.

I loved the entire Trio through this book. The fact that they can over come ANYTHING when they work together totally astounds me and I love it. There's nothing more here I have to say but wow. I love them.

I CANNOT BELIEVE X. LOVEGOOD SOLD OUT HARRY! What a fucking prat. He should've known Luna wouldn't have wanted him to sell out her only friends. That really made me angry... I was so sure that he was lying and leading them on though as soon as he said Luna was there. Why would Luna be there? She had school...

I loved the title that JKR chose and the entire EVERYTHING related to the Deathly Hallows. Excellent. I was glad that we were no longer 24/7 boring horcrux hunting because of this actually because I was getting bored of being in the wilderness lmao.

Aberforth. I remember reading a ton of times someone kept saying that the Hog's Head barman was Aberforth... obviously the goat references gave it away. I love that JKR dropped tons of hints revolving around this. Actually I love that how now that we've read the entire series everything seems so... simple almost. JKR told us just enough so that we could've figured out everything on our own if we had had the same books as the trio. The Horcrux, who did what, the Hallows, etc.

I love that Neville was like. Amazing. lmao. He has had the best character progression in the series in my opinion and I love him. I don't know if I liked how OUT THERE he was about being badass, but it was still wonderful. Heading up the DA, battle cries, being all ballsy. ilu neville. I thought the use of an unforgivable as a punishment was a bit much though... whatever, not my story lmao.

The Room of Requirement. Everyone showing up just made me happy lmao. Seeing Oliver, Seamus, Angelina, etc. Loved it. Percy showing up was like *omg cries*

The Final Battle. WOW. McG is always so great. I KNEW THERE WAS A PURPOSE FOR THE SUITS OF ARMOR! lmao Trelawney throwing crystal balls made me crack up hardcore. I was surprised to see that Slughorn was still around though, not fleeing out of sight the forest like the idiot he is... then Molly going apeshit on Bellatrix was amazing. I was on my toes the entire time thinking that so many people were next.

Snape. I have so much to say here but I won't. but wow. I think I always knew he was good but I didn't want to believe it because if he wasn't, the questions would've been so much easier to answer. I hated how he died - what a shitty way to go - but his pensieve reflections were amazing and I loved them and wanted to cry through them. He and Lily... aw. Snape would've been a better dad for Harry. GOSH.

Tonks... and Lupin... that was a little bit jarring for me. I was okay with it however because I was never a Tonks fan and I was still fuming at Lupin for being a prick earlier... but Colin Creevey? I WAS SO CRUSHED! I loved that annoying child.

The only thing I didn't like was the Epilogue. As soon as I started reading it I knew I should have stopped because I really hated it. I thought JK would've just like, written a summary on some of the characters explaining what happened. I felt like I was reading cheesy, cheesy fan fiction. Without it though I would've felt like there was no closure.... it was essential but I wasn't happy with it.

Also, what the fuck does the American Cover have to do with the story? I don't understand what scene it's depicting. I love the Canadian / British cover though... it took me a long time to notice that Griphook was on Harry's back, holding the sword though lmao. I never even noticed until I got to that chapter.

I have so much to say and think about. I'll probably be back to edit this entry a few times.

I hope everyone who read enjoyed, and those who are still reading are enjoying and for you idiots who aren't reading at all, you are seriously missing out!
(Deleted comment)
07|24|07 - 19:32 (UTC)
For the record, I LOVE YOUR ESSAY STYLE COMMENTS haha so keep them coming!

omg. If they ruin the Snape / Lily scenes like they did the Marauders scene in th last movie... a fifteen second clip of CRAP... I will be absolutely fuming. And I agree! - it was definitely one of my favorite scenes in the book and possibly the entire series. My heart just bleeds for Snape now *cries*

There was no excuse for James being a total piece of crap - He's always on top of my most hated character list. I don't understand how Lily ended up with him either... like. SNAPE WAS RIGHT THERE. AND LOVED HER. God I feel so horrible lmao.

Glad I wasn't the only one confused about his past... maybe JKR will clarify sometime soon because I think there were a lot of people that were like "wha...?"

Yes! You're right. "Only a true Gryffindor can pull the sword out of the sorting hat" or something. I wonder if there are just infinite swords then.. is anyone who has that certain Gryffindor quality able to get the sword when it's needed? Hmmm...

lmao! I was confused too. Until I read the scene I didn't even notice... maybe we don't pay attention to details as much as we should haha..

Glad that someone on my friends list has read already and ENJOYED! And managed to comment. lmao <33333.
07|27|07 - 05:37 (UTC)
i somehow missed this post. i seriously cut myself off from the internet for a while when i was reading it. but omg i loved it- it wasn't my favorite, but i wasn't disappointed.

everything about snape broke my heart. :( i feel bad for ever hating him, and every time i see an icon/picture with a doe patronus i get depressed and sad. :( snape/lily for life.

dobby's death DESTROYED ME. i cried the hardest when he died, seriously, and i couldn't stop for so long. i loved the house elves in this book.

oh god and fred :( goddamn you jk rowling, right when percy came back and everything seemed wonderful. i was bawling when hedwig died/when i thought george was going to die, but still, that whole "holy" joke was soo cute.

i fucking hatttte ginny. whore!

the epilogue was cheesy as shit but i liked that it was so lighthearted and laughable compared to the rest of the book. but SERIOUSLY, "albus severus"? what the fuck were you thinking, harry? that's child abuse, a name like that.

lol and ps: "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU, BITCH!!!"
11|17|07 - 09:17 (UTC)
It broke my heart to read the last book. It's like losing something to look forward to every year.

I resisted reading the book until I was out of high school (because I was too mature to read books intended for children) but then I binged on them when the fifth book came out (I think) and I read all of them, 4 days, 5 books.

I agree with you the epilogue was kind of silly, but it's nice to have something wrapped up into a nice little happy package.

I saw you one one of the other communities I'm in, you seem interesting, do you want to be ljfriends?
12|03|07 - 11:22 (UTC)
I know. It was so horrible losing HP forever :(

That's a good reason to wait for reading haha, I know that is. I'm a closet HP nerd too haha so every book opening I just hardcore dress up and STRUT MY HP SHIT and hope no one recognizes me and resist the urge to talk about it when I go back to school haha.

And gosh I am so sorry for the slowest reply ever. I will definitely add you up <333
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